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All About Flairs

The National League of Heroic Flairs was founded by Cornelius Halifax III to help spread public awareness and acceptance of flairs, but what exactly are flairs?

Flairs are one of two types of Talents, which are innate supernatural abilities that people develop at birth. Flairs refers to the designation given to the talents that are determined to be harmless or in service of the public good, as determined by Amezzon. Fouls refer to talents that are innately dangerous or that lack the ability to service the public good. Prior to the League's work to normalize flairs, talents weren't distinguished as good or bad and all talents were outlawed equally. Now, possession of a foul is considered a felony, whereas possession of a flair is no longer a crime, and as long as flairs are properly registered and used only with the proper permits, flair users are able to live normally within society.

Flairs registered by the Amezzon Flair Registration Division are divided into classes that help to distinguish the usefulness of the flair:

Starred Flairs: Have exceptional use for specific governmental purposes, especially military grade flairs

A-Class: Exceptionally useful

B-Class: Generally useful

C-Class: Somewhat useful or useful in specific areas of expertise

D-Class: Not useful

Flair users whose flairs are categorized as C-Class and above are welcome to apply to join the League, though most League heroes are chosen from B-Class and above flairs. Despite this, most flairs among the general populace fall within a D-Class designation and are barely distinguishable in real life except for the unique genetic mutation that results in most talent users having unnatural hair or eye pigmentation.


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