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"In a super-powered society, there's no reason people should die from accidents or natural disasters."
- Edmund Vannier

A Flair of Fate follows teen superhero-in-training Javi Cabrera who, after the death of his dad in a tragic fire pledges himself to joining the National League of Heroic Flairs to become a superhero even though he was born without a flair (or superpower). When he gets the chance to be the League's first flairless hero, he embarks on a journey to realize his dreams, but between first love, late stage capitalism, and an ongoing rivalry with his ex-best friend, Itsuki, Javi's got a long way to go before realizing his dreams, and soon he's going to learn the meaning behind the phrase "never meet your heroes".


Drawing inspiration from shounen anime while weaving humor, action, and romance together into one, A Flair of Fate is a queer and anti-capitalist parody of traditional superhero stories intentioned for readers 15+.

About the Characters

Coming soon...

About the Author

Emery Lee is the award-winning author of MEET CUTE DIARY and CAFÉ CON LYCHEE. E founded #TransBooks365 to spread trans joy and support for trans storytelling and co-founded #QPOCFest to celebrate queer authors of color in kidlit. Eir webcomic, A Flair of Fate, releases new updates every Monday (excluding holidays).

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