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Content Warnings

Hello! Thank you for reading A Flair of Fate. While the comic is a humorous and fun story, it also contains some darker elements and some mature subject matter. It is intentioned for readers age 15+ and audiences concerned about potentially trigger content should heed the warnings listed below!

Series Content Warnings

This story contains discussions of mature subject matter including... Discussions of war and genocide, physical and emotional abuse, sexual abuse, serious mental illness and thoughts of suicide, human experimentation, and crimes against humanity. This story also contains brief mentions of or allusions to pedophilia, rape, cancer, BDSM and kink. This story contains some disturbing imagery, including depictions of bullying, human trafficking, involuntary servitude, homophobia and transphobia, genocidal rhetoric, acts of terror, murder, torture, racism, classism, ableism, misogyny, domestic abuse, and state sanctioned violence.

Content Warnings
by Arc

Arc 1 contains some discussions and imagery that may be triggering for certain audiences, including... Discussions of systemic oppression, bullying, and death.

Content warnings will be updated as the story progresses, and important warnings by installment will be listed on the "Chapters" page. Happy reading!

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